Whether for a lunch meeting
or to hang out for after-work drinks...

...our unique combination will surprise your senses


Abasto specializes in Argentine wines. That's right, loads of incredible Malbecs, but we also want to reflect the great wine variety of the country, from vineyards located 3000 metres above sea level at the north to only just 300 metres at the south! Of course, there is always space in our shelves for you to travel to other great regions of the world!


Our passion, heart and soul. Abasto artisan Empanadas are everything for us. A wide variety of choice to satisfy the finest customers. From the traditional selection to some cracking surprises like our Vegan range. You can eat them in, take them away or cook them at home.


We pride ourselves on the quality and superiority of our selection of meats, primarily sourced by suppliers providing cuts from the finest Argentine farms.


Behind a good wine there is always some great charcuterie. You will find it in our shop area or to have in as boards to share. From the classic supreme Iberico Bellota Ham to some other cuts like cured Cecina Beef, Lomo, Llonganiza or Chorizo. All premium quality!


With a passion for baking, we prepare in house some of our popular cakes. Aljajorcitos de Maizena are a classic, to take away or having in with your coffee or tea. Traditional Pastafrola, Tarta de Ricotta, Chocolate alfajores or Almond cake are just some of our best selections.


The perfect choice for you to cook at home. Experience our range of Empanadas, Milanesas or Tapas, take them home and cook them for your loved ones.

For enquiries please contact Emiliano La Mattina at emiliano@abasto.co.uk
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